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With the breadth of knowledge and the expanse of decades of professional service, our members will have opportunities as a group, under one brand, that are not available as individual companies.
Boiled Frog Parts We are a mentoring group that help new and established service companies to learn and grow.

We have discussion groups to satisfy a range of topics that can be created as needed.
  • Consulting Agreements.

  • Targeted surveys1 for Manufacturers and Third Party Administrators (TPA/ESP) .

  • Better rates2 as we are professional companies that bring the full package of customer service, diagnostics and technical expertise. Our members will reduce excess parts costs, replacements and buy-backs.

  • Group contracts and agreements.

  • By developing a collaborative atmosphere with the public, Manufacturers and TPA's, there will be trust.
Boiled Frog Parts
A market place for the open exchange of parts used in the repair of appliance and TV's among the registered members of the site.
Screen Shots  User Guide
Looking Glass Software Looking Glasstm © is a software as a service (SaaS) application for electronics and appliance service companies.

Screen Shots

Tools to help you prosper and grow your business such as CODB calculators with archival function.
Electronic voting and meetings. You don't have to leave your business to participate in elections or votes.

Member generated surveys on most any topic.

How often did you want to have a survey on something?

The ProSquad Locator is data driven from your profile. Changes made to your profile are instantly visible to the public.

The public can generate a service ticket directly to you via email. You can also log in and get your ticket list


Internet hosting services   with data driven from your ProSquad profile.

Email services with your domain.
Search Engine Optimzation (SEO) with key words for both Bing tm and Googletm


  • Service Contract Sales/Dealer
  • Insurance Services
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Parts Accomodations
  • Shipping Accomodations


Most benefits are free to all members. Basic internet hosting and Looking Glass Basic is free to Full members. Advanced versions have fees. Logos and trademarks are property of their respective owners.
1 Surveys are generated using applications that are are hosted on The ProSquad servers for security. Survey requests can be generated by members or at the request of Manufacturers and TPA's. Surveys can be public or closed and can be generated in CSV, PDF, SPSS, R, queXML and MS Excel formats. Application can create statistical and graphical analysis, is multi-lingual, and allows integration of pictures and movies. Application is W3C compliant.

2 The ProSquad does not negotiate individual rates for it's members. But expect thru negotiations, as a group, to deserve
higher rates as a class of professionals who will self-monitor and provide higher value.