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Our service providers are variously members of the following professional organizations:

  • Alignment Club (California)
  • CompTIA
  • EPEA (NE Region)
  • ETG (Massachusetts) 
  • FESA (Florida)
  • GESDA (Georgia)
  • InfoComm
  • NSCA
  • NESDA of Ohio
  • OPEA (Oregon)
  • PSA
  • PSOC (California)
  • SESDA (SE Region)
  • T-E-A (Texas)
  • Tech Assist 
  • TVTechData
  • USA
  • VPEA (Virginia)


We support ALL professional and technical associations, groups and trade shows.

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The TPS BOD and members have decided to open Boiled Frog Parts and the new TPS Forums to those who are members of the service industry. Membership in TPS is not a requirement.

We thank NESDA of Ohio and the Eastern Professional Electronics Association, the newest professional groups for including us as a partner and benefit for their members. Both have a long history of professionalism and technical training. Many of our members are long-time Ohio and EPEA members.

The more we communicate and work together, the stronger and professional we are as service providers.


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Attention TPS Members: The old Discussion Lists were out-dated and shut down on 2/15/2016. They have been replaced with a new modern forums system. Go to and register for the new forums.

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