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We require that our members adhere to a high degree of ethical and professional conduct and take all complaints seriously.

We have a membership committee that evaluates all listed service providers before acceptance.

We use a variety of methods to evaluate new members for trustworthiness and competence.

Where able, we make inquiries of a state's consumer protection division of a provider's good standing and they must be insured and licensed (where applicable) as well as having verified technical competence.

Full membership in The ProSquad is not required for The ProSquad locator service, however there are a few minimum requirements:
  • You must have a valid business license or state resale certificate. For those states that don't require either, we will contact you.

  • You must have commercial liability insurance or be in the process of underwriting.

  • Agree to our Professional Ethics and Conduct Statement.
  • Maintain no less than a "C" grade with the Better Business Bureau.

    While many of the members of The ProSquad are not members of the BBB, due to past issues with their local chapter, the BBB will assign no less than a "C" unless you have failed to respond to complaints.

    We will expect that a "C" grade to be upgraded within one year to at least a "B" grade.

    As a member, you are required to at least respond to any BBB complaint. Membership is not required, there is no charge and it can be done online.
ASSOCIATE Membership permits any qualified service company to be listed on The ProSquad locator and shall be free with no dues. Other than the Business List, they have no other permanent privileges.

Member benefits may be added or removed based on the recommendation of the Membership Committee with concurrence of the BOD.

Associate members may not vote, however, they shall be polled prior to any vote to ascertain that group's opinion which can be included in any deliberations. Qualifications are posted on the left.

FULL Membership will have an annual fee sufficient to cover actual day-to-day operating expenses as approved by the BOD.

Full members are shareholder/owners and have one vote. Excess earnings or dues shall be returned to the full members in the form of dividends as the BOD may direct. Distribution is based on each members dues, purchases of products and services offered, excess contributions when asked for and residuals less approved expenses and any applicable taxes. Excess contributions are for specific income producing projects where full members are asked to participate, in a voluntary manner, that requires investment.

Admission to full membership requires Associate membership for no less than 90 days. As there will be discussion of negotiations with manufacturers, TPA's and vendors, admission to Full membership will require the following:

  • A signed, strong nondisclosure agreement with enforceable penalties for any breach that causes financial loss.

  • An agreement to abide and cooperate with any contracts or agreements voted on and passed by the Full membership.

  • A requirement to use the official TPS logos and service marks on their websites and other advertising.


EMERITUS Members are either retired service providers or from associated industries. They are not on the locator, however they are eligible to participate in member benefits and subscription to the Business List.

They will have their own list that will have the entire BOD as well as committee chairs so they provide advice and counsel.

 If you are a professional, and a legitimate business or technician-owner, complete this brief on-line  ProSquad Application and Join Us !

If you have questions, email us at membership409@theprosquad.com

When we receive your application, it will be reviewed by a committee of independent service companies. If you are accepted, you will be emailed a link to setup your profile as an Associate member of The ProSquad.

All of the efforts for the locator, websites as well as the committees are done by member-volunteers and the process can take from 1 - 5 days.