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Our service providers are variously members and supporters of the following professional organizations:

  • CompTIA
  • EPEA (NE Region)
  • ETG (Massachusetts) 
  • FESA (Florida)
  • GESDA (Georgia)
  • InfoComm
  • NISC-T
  • NSCA
  • NESDA of Ohio
  • OPEA (Oregon)
  • PSOC (California)
  • SESDA (SE Region)
  • TEA (SW Region)
  • T-E-A (Texas)
  • USA
  • VPEA (Virginia)


How does The ProSquad define an Independent Service Company?

  • Typically it is either an owner-operator, or at least one owner is involved in the day-to-day activity.

  • Generally has less than 15 technicians.

  • Is not a department, division or operating company of a larger

How does The ProSquad compete in larger metropolitan areas?

  • With many, we are one. With cooperation and coordination between our owner/service providers, The ProSquad can provide better and more professional service in any market that we have a presence in.

  • The one-to-one personal communication skills of Independent Service Companies and the personal touch cannot be replaced by any automated, ship-the-parts to the customer system.

    Customer satisfaction with the product and the service experience is enhanced by Independent Service Companies.

    Willingness for the end-user to purchase that product again is critical to the success of everyone.

  • Where there are more than one member, utilizing Looking Glass, partnerships are created within a "region" or market that allow ticket sharing.

  • Service companies can see where their partners are on any given day and can either transfer the call directly or "partner" with them. They would "share" the repair income and the cost.

    This would prevent partner companies from having their trucks in the same place at the same time which would reduce costs for a trip that requires a visit to a distant zip code.

  • With many dispatch portals pre-scheduling calls, a partner assignment or transfer would assist meeting that schedule without having to change or reassign that dispatch.

  • Manufacturers and TPA's would be able, through unique Looking Glass access, see the real-time, actual schedules of their service providers who are ProSquad members.

What is the intent of The ProSquad?

The ProSquad® is an alliance of qualified Independent Service Companies providing professional and accessible service and repair alternatives to national service entities.

The ProSquad is a for-profit, Trade Alliance, owned and managed by select Independent Service Companies.

Many ProSquad members are proud and active members of Industry Trade
Associations and supports and contributes to ALL Industry trade shows and trade associations whenever possible and practical.

The ProSquad monitors it's member businesses and activities to ensure that the services rendered are of the highest quality. Professional qualifications are maintained by Industry certifications, continuing education and contributions to various trade lists that provide research and technical information.

All complaints lodged with The ProSquad are carefully and fairly investigated. The ProSquad will remove any member who does not conduct their businesses to the stringent standards set for by The ProSquad.

How is The ProSquad going to be competitive?
  • Branding The members will use the logos and service marks to be associated with the The ProSquad® brand in their websites and other forms of advertising.

    The ProSquad aggressively utilizes the internet search engines, paid tags, etc. 
    to increase the visibility of the brand. 

    The ProSquad will be offering clothing, decals, vehicle wraps, business cards and other such advertising materials through national providers.

    Members and stakeholders get very low internet hosting and web sites
    starting at $60 a year. (Additional services may be extra).

  • The ProSquad Locator The locator, in addition to it's primary function, contains a service request form to enable a consumer, TPA or manufacturer to request a service call 24/7. The ProSquad portal will compete with such paid search portals as tvrepairman.com, repair.com, etc. using the Looking Glass engine without the referral fee.

    There are no fees for ProSquad members or stakeholders.

  • Industry Cooperation  Many of ProSquad members are long time Industry veterans with many contacts within the manufacturer and extended service company Industry. Several are former Manufacturer employees.

    The ProSquad and it's members utilizes this combined extended contact list to identify their needs to assist them in the accomplishment of their internal goals and work with them to find a resolution that is both cost effective for them and profitable for The ProSquad.

    Year-to-year changes can occur rapidly in product and support, as well as the consumers willingness to pay for products and services. What worked last year may not work this year. An example where we would work together could be an agreement limiting rates one year and recovering them the next. The ProSquad members have a cost of doing business, but our associates do as well.

    Another example would be assisting major companies with reducing their administrative burden and thereby reducing our servicers cost of doing business. This would allow us to keep reimbursements stable. Sometimes simple things can be changed that would have a large impact.

    There are many areas where cooperation can form a close partnership that would benefit all. Flexibility and trust between members and associates will be critical. As a group we work towards finding that win-win resolution.

  • Boiled FrogParts is a parts sharing website for ProSquad members who offer new unused or "green" inventory for sale to each other as well as non-member, registered service providers. It also has a database of interchangeable parts for substitution. For example Panasonic and Sanyo TV's may use the same board but with different part numbers. This idea conceived and developed by Ron Freeman and named after his article in an Industry trade association publication.

    There are no fees for ProSquad members or stakeholders.

  • Looking Glass® is a cloud/web-based application to manage service tickets, billing, AR's, parts (with cradle to grave accounting), core returns and credits as well as analytics necessary to manage a service business. Looking Glass is integrated with both the ProSquad Locator data as well as Boiled Frog Parts. The basic platform will be free to full members, TPA's and manufacturers. The locator uses the new ticket generator function from Looking Glass.


  • The ProSquad provides very active Discussion Lists that cover subjects ranging from business to technical issues with few limitations. Rates and contract issues may be freely discussed on this forum. The ProSquad has enlisted Industry professionals such as parts specialist Michael Bisk who answer questions on compatibility and reaches out to retired industry veterans for guidance. The ProSquad also utilizes the services of directors and officers of other trade associations who are members of our Business List.

  • No sponsors for events  While the ProSquad makes every effort to be professional in all actions and communications, on occasion it may become necessary to offer open criticism of an industry partner

    Since ProSquad receives no sponsorship money, there is no concern regarding the sensitivity of information contained in posts or any published articles that could affect The ProSquad financially since both are accessible only by service providers.

  • Starting in 2014, there will be member and stakeholder group benefits that will
    include local advertising, various forms of insurance, credit card processing and more.


Are there any dues?

As a for profit company, we don't have dues, but there are fees for various levels of participation.

At the present time, there are no fees. Venture funding has been provided by one of ProSquad's founders to sustain The ProSquad until a critical mass is reached. Currently, The ProSquad supports two basic membership types: Associate and Full. Associate membership permits any qualified service company to be listed on The ProSquad Locator and participation on The ProSquad Business List and is free.

Full membership (or stakeholders), will have fees eventually, but not until several start-up projects have been completed that would give value to the full membership.

The ProSquad's by-laws state that basic full participation fees will be at least $1 less than the lowest regional trade association.

The ProSquad will have a full slate of member benefits competitive with any other major association. There will be several a-la-carte programs that would be available at an additional cost if a member company chooses.

All funds received will be accounted for and placed on the portal for full member examination each month with a financial statement. At the end of the year, any unneeded money will be rebated back to the members on a pro rated basis depending on their a-la-carte purchases and income generating efforts. It is the hope of The ProSquad with some of the projects currently in progress, to collect, at some point, sufficient income and profits for all of the full members to receive an annual check.

There are no provisions for permanent paid employees in The ProSquad's by-laws. All positions are voluntary and term limited with few exceptions. Any paid position must be temporary, by contract and 1099. It is the intention of The ProSquad to hire contract services from within our membership whenever possible.

How Are Elections Voted?

Elections of officers and the Board of Directors are voted electronically. Nominations are made openly on a discussion list reserved specifically for that purpose.

After nominations are settled on, an email is sent to each full member, with a special, one-time unique code. Also, a link to an encrypted form is provided that is accessed only when the code is entered.

Elections are closed after 72 hours. Results are instantly available unless there is a challenge. Voting occurs in September and change-over occurs on January 1.