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The value of a member's reputation depends upon the ethical conduct of everyone affiliated with NISC-T and The ProSquad. Each of us sets an example for each other by our pursuit of excellence and powerful standards of performance, professional and ethical conduct. 

  • ADVOCACY  We serve the public interest by acting as responsible stewards of our industry. By honestly answering the consumer's questions regarding the quality of a product, availability of parts and support from a manufacturer, payments and support from third-part administrators (ESP companies).

  • HONESTY We will adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and truth in advancing our mission. If a customer has a product, whose value has diminished where it would be in their best interests not to repair, we will advise them of that. We will only estimate to them the services they actually require. We will not use parts or materials that are not new or reconditioned without the customers knowledge.

  • EXPERTISE We will acquire and responsibly use our specialized knowledge and experience. We will advance the profession by learning, then educating and promoting the professional development of our members and and the public.

  • INDEPENDENCE We alone are accountable for our actions. We will not become beholden to a manufacturer, third-party administrator or any trade organization where we have to do those things that compromise our public trust or our fellow independent service companies.

  • LOYALTY  We are faithful to our members while honoring our obligations to ourselves, our businesses and our families. Where we find that a particular entity is attempting to fix prices, control parts and information to our collective detriment and by extension a detriment to the public; we as a grow. of allied and cooperative members, will not permit it.

  • FAIRNESS  We deal fairly with our customers, employees, competitors, peers, and vendors.

  • INTENT  To maintain the integrity of our relationships with the consumer, the manufacture, the third-part adminstrators and our competitors. To promote, and respect fair competition. By providing the wisest choices to the public. We will preserve intellectual property. Our intent is to build trust with the public and our suppliers. We will safeguard confidences, providing protection of our customers private personal information. We will protect as privileged and confidential member information gained from this organization. We will attempt to avoid conflicts of interest, real, potential or perceived. To preserve the history and the future of the independent service industry.